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New White Paper Details Employment Challenges – and HR Outsourcing Solutions – for Struggling California Employers

Responding to continuing employment challenges and changing regulatory compliance, California employers are expected to turn to Human Resources Outsourcing firms in record numbers in 2008. This is according to a new white paper recently released by CPEhr, a leading HR consulting firm, entitled “Improving California Business Through HR Outsourcing – 2008 Human Resources Outsourcing Trends in the California Marketplace.”The white paper analyzes how rising health insurance costs, illegal immigration reforms, and complex employment laws have made California an extremely difficult state in which to be an employer. The recently published white paper details these unique employment challenges and how many businesses are either moving out of state, or looking for alternative solutions, such as Human Resources Outsourcing.

Researched and compiled by CPEhr’s Director of Marketing, Ari Rosenstein, the white paper is based on CPEhr’s extensive experience working with California businesses.

“California is clearly the most complex state in which to do business,” says Rosenstein. “Employers face an ever-growing barrage of regulations and governmental compliance, and the average entrepreneur is simply unable to manage them all. HR Outsourcing has become an increasingly attractive option for these small and mid-sized business owners.”

The white paper focuses on the role HR Outsourcing plays in the California business landscape, and the enormous growth of the industry. It demonstrates how outsourcing certain personnel functions to a professional HRO or PEO firm can reduce the risk of lawsuits, increase internal efficiencies and improve employee productivity.

The niche Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) industry is highlighted, with a detailed description of the services and value offered to small and mid-sized business owners. These include:

-Reducing administrative paperwork
-Protecting against potential employee lawsuits
-Attracting top talent with robust health insurance and benefits
-Implementing OSHA compliant safety policies
-Filing taxes and processing payroll

Rosenstein notes, “The value PEOs and HR Outsourcing Firms bring to an organization is obvious. By eliminating cumbersome activities and partnering with an expert in the area of HR, companies can leverage their existing staff more efficiently, and avoid costly lawsuits.”

About CPEhr:
CPEhr has been a leader of HR Outsourcing and PEO services since 1982. With over 15,000 serviced employees and hundreds of clients, CPEhr is the largest privately-held PEO based in California. With 25 years of service and experience in the local marketplace, CPEhr is familiar with the needs of California employers, and is able to deliver a solution that fits those needs. A free copy of the HR White Paper can be downloaded from their corporate website.