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Financial Analyst

Overview of Job


Financial Analyst is a multi-faceted job that involves good accounting, analytical, writing and communication skills. These analysts typically are independent and contracted by a variety of companies such as stock and securities firms, banks, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, ext… Through a series of procedures such as analyzing company finances, meeting with managers and officers and studying the company history, they produce reports and recommendations concerning the company’s financial health and stock viability. There are specialists within the financial analyst occupation, such as investment banking, company mergers and takeovers and a company’s ability to pay debt. This job requires long hours, meeting deadlines and constant communication and updates with clients, factors that it is recommended to include in your finance resume.


Education and Experience


  • Degree in Business Administration, Statistics, Finance or Accounting is required.

  • MBA is desirable

  • Several years of relevant experience desirable

  • Capacity for detail and analysis required

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written, required

  • Familiarity with the general business climate very helpful


Future of the Occupation


Compensation ranges from 47,000 to 110,000 depending upon experience and education. In the current and foreseeable climate of corporate mergers and takeovers and the volatile stock market, the need for career financial analysts is expected to grow at a rate faster than the average occupation.